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How it's done (1)
How it's done (2)

Buildings are a core element of Foundation. To meet the medieval town inhabitants' needs, players must unlock and build new buildings.

All buildings require builders to build them exept later citizen house upgrades.

Players place construction sites by choosing from the 'Build Public Buildings' menu in the top right corner

Houses will be placed automatically by homeless villagers after painting the Residential Area .

NOTE: When building over trees the trees will be cut down but will not be collected as a resource.

General[edit | edit source]

The following buildings are placed by players and need villagers assigned to work in them (exept Well and Wooden Gate)

Monuments[edit | edit source]

These consist of different parts players can arrange in any way they like (see Demonstration).

NOTE: In order to make monuments taller, when you place a core or tower in your desired space there is a small green up/down arrow (Icon height.png). Click on that and hold the mouse button down while moving it up and down to raise the height of your building to the desired level.

Decoration[edit | edit source]

Purely decorational assets to beautify your town.

Walls[edit | edit source]

Next to the building menu is the 'Build Walls' menu. Walls block villagers pathing and look cool. As for now the cost no materials and are built instantly.

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