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Villagers are part of Foundation and they will move into the various Buildings.

Citizens can have different levels:

  1. Newcomer
  2. Serf
  3. Commoner
  4. Citizen
  5. Bourgeois

On each level the citizens have more needs.

Citizen Level Level-specific needs Prerequisite
Newcomer Berries


Housing (lvl 1)

Serf Bread or Fish


Housing (lvl 2)

Living in a level 2 House
Commoner Rustic Church
Citizen Clothes

Housing (lvl 3)

Living in a level 3 House

Important to know.:

Villagers are following a cycle, the cycle can varies.

Make sure you use time to optimize the distance between the different places the villagers need to visit


Home - Berries - Church - Home - Work - Work - Water and Home again.



Home - Work - Work - Home - Berries - Fish or Bread - Cloth - Honey - Home - Work - Work - Water - Church and Home again

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