Hunter's Hut

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Hunter's Hut
Hunter's hut.png
Produces Leather.png Leather  Deer.png Deer
Unlocked By
20 Commoner   Splendor.png Splendor (15)Template:Ressource
Worker Capacity
Build Rights Tax
Gold.png Gold (50)
Gold.png Gold (10)
Wood.png Wood (10) Tools.png Tools (5)

The Hunter's hut is a late game building that produces Leather.png Leather and Deer.png Deer . Before you can produce these products you need to zone an area as 'Hunting Zone'.

Deer can then be sold at a market in a Food stall.

The Hunter's hut becomes unlockable by having 20 commoners and reaching 15 Kingdom.png Kingdom Splendor.png Splendor and costs 3 Kingdom.png Kingdom points to unlock.