Hunter's Hut

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Hunter's Hut
Hunter's hut.png
Produces Boar.png Boar
Unlocked By
20 Commoner   Splendor.png Splendor (15)Splendor.png Splendor
Worker Capacity
Build Rights Tax
Gold.png Gold (50)
Gold.png Gold (30)
Wood.png Wood (10) Tools.png Tools (5)

The Hunter's hut is a late game building that produces Boar. Before you can produce these products you need to zone an area as 'Hunting Zone'.

Boar can then be sold at a market in a Food stall or be combined with Cheese in a Tavern to make a Meal.

The Hunter's hut becomes unlockable by having 20 commoners and reaching 15 Kingdom.png Kingdom Splendor.png Splendor and costs 3 Kingdom.png Kingdom points to unlock.