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Market gathering.png
Generates revenue by selling goods to the villagers
Unlocked By
Worker Capacity
Build Rights Tax
Gold.png Gold (50)
Gold.png Gold (2)
Wood.png Wood (10)

The Market is one of the Monuments in Foundation. It is important to fulfill the needs of the people and to create income.

It generates Splendor in the Labor Tree based on how many stalls and decorations you add to it.

A Market can contain one or more stalls in the categories below:

It is available immediately after placing your Village Center.

When a Market Tender is staffed at a market stall, villagers will buy food and goods at the market with their gold, provided there is also supply. Each individual purchase is deposited immediately into your treasury. This is the only way to meet the food, goods, and luxury goods needs of your villagers.

Tip: Make sure you have enough Transporters and that your Granaries and Warehouses are well-stocked for the Market Tender to retrieve the item they are trying to sell!

Tip: Market Tenders do not need to be physically present at the table in order for Villagers to buy their wares. The important mechanic of the Market Tender is to bring goods to their tables, so there is little harm in letting them travel long distances to reach the Granaries or Warehouses with their needed goods.