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How does the monastery work?[edit | edit source]

Q: Hi, I can't understand how the monastery work because when I click "Concede a villager to the monastery" It doesn't work and I'm incapable ti produce herbs and honey
A: Once you've built the Herb Garden and Apiary you still need Dorms for each villager you want to concede.

how does the audience work ?[edit | edit source]

Q: Hello, I can't handle how the audience work. It just show notify, but I can't do nothing with it.
A: An envoy is on your central square (you can also click the centralize button on the notification). Click on the envoy to see what it is he wants.

3[edit | edit source]

Q:I have seen three VLOGS of this game and each player only cuts pine trees and avoids oaks. Is there a reason for this?
A: For now, the game only makes it possible to plant new Pine trees, but not oaks. Therefore, oaks are not replacable.

Warehouse[edit | edit source]

Q: hey guys, anyone know why I cant build a warehouse ? by user:DDTurbo
A: First, you have to unlock the warehouse from the 'labor party'. Then, you need planks to build the warehouse.

Could someone tell me how to convert a villager to commoner?[edit | edit source]

Q: Hey guys, could someone tell me how to convert a villager to commoner?
A: Hi, building a church

How is a warehouse assigned to a commercial route?[edit | edit source]

:Q: Hi guys, how is a warehouse assigned to a commercial route?

A: You need to open the trade panel, select an item and number to buy or sell, then go to the warehouse, chose the slot where you're going to buy or sell items and click the 'accept' checkmark. You have to be serf or above to trade.

My construction sites don't get build, but I do have the resources. What should I do?

Monument Buildings[edit | edit source]

Q: Can I add additional parts to an already constructed monument building like the Rustic Church?
A: Yes you can. Click on the monument and select "Edit" this will let you add new components. Some components will only show up after you have unlocked them.