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Quests are part of Foundation and they can be exported and imported by other players. They are usually linked to a certain task the player must fulfill. Quests can be part of larger Scenarios.

List of quests[edit | edit source]

Name Description Trigger Reward
Build a Village Center Place a Village Center First Territory claimed Gold.png Gold (450)

Wood.png Wood (40)

Tools.png Tools (20)

Berries.png Berries (10)

Villagers.png Villagers (8)

Reach a weekly profit of: 500 Reach a weekly profit of 500 10 seconds of playtime Fealty.png Fealty (100)
Unlock a trade route Unlock a trade route to either Davenport or Northbury Build a Market 1 Free Territory
Build a Lord Manor Build a Lord Manor Build a Sawmill Glass.png Glass (10)

Labour.png Labour (50)

Build a Church Build a Church Unlock Church Piety.png Piety (50)

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