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This game is currently in Alpha so this information is subject to change.

How to start[edit | edit source]

The first thing you must do is pick your first plot of land. Once claimed you will need to place your Village Center. After placing your starting settlers will appear. You can assign them jobs by clicking on them and then on a job title in the popup window.

Quick List

  1. Claim Plot
  2. Place Village Center
  3. Assign jobs
  4. Build gatherer buildings
  5. Build a Well and Berry Market (important or your villagers can't eat or drink and will leave!)
  6. Trade for tools and build a warehouse to store them in
  7. Profit

Camera Controls[edit | edit source]

A - Strafe camera left

D - Strafe camera right

W - Move camera forward

S - Move camera backward

Q - Rotate camera left

E - Rotate camera right

R - Tilt camera up

F - Tilt camera down

MMB/MB3 - Pan camera around in the direction of mouse movement

Ctrl + MMB/MB3 - Move camera around in the direction of mouse movement

Mouse Wheel Up - Zoom in

Mouse Wheel Down - Zoom Out

Ctrl + U - Show/Hide GUI

Building Placement[edit | edit source]

Move mouse to place

Hold Ctrl and move mouse to rotate

Modular Building[edit | edit source]

LMB/MB1 - Place component

Ctrl + mouse movement - Rotate component

RMB/MB2 - Remove component

Zoning Tool[edit | edit source]

LMB/MB1 - Define Zone

RMB/MB2 - Undefine Zone

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel - Increase/Decrease brush size

Transcluded from Keybindings

Strategy for a successful medieval village[edit | edit source]